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Is Living in a Mobile Home Trashy?

It’s true that living in a mobile home does have a negative stigma associated with it. For many, the words “mobile home” elicit images of dirty, unkempt trailer parks filled with shady people. And while there ARE some places like this, this isn’t entirely true.

When it comes to mobile homes, it’s all about the location, as well as the rules and regulations that determine how well they’re maintained. Some are going to be falling apart, rampant with crime, while others are going to be extremely safe, clean, and welcoming.


Is living in a mobile home trashy? Not necessarily. The stigma with mobile homes mainly arises when they are located in lower-end, unkempt neighborhoods. This is especially true when they are not adequately maintained.

That being said, alternative housing options, such as mobile homes, have been gaining popularity. They have been popping up more and more often in higher-end neighborhoods, and for good reason. They’re affordable and can be quite versatile.


Does living in a mobile home make you “trailer trash”?

Living in a mobile home doesn’t make you “trailer trash”. Many respectable people choose to live in mobile homes because they are convenient and affordable. An individual’s choice to live in a manufactured home does not mean that they are low-class or somehow “less than” another.

Beyond this, there are actually a lot of high-end, quality manufactured homes out there.


Why are mobile homes considered trashy?

1. They have a stigma associated with them

Many people think that anyone who lives in a mobile home is low-class. They think of individuals who are dirty and don’t take care of themselves. They believe that many of the people who live in them participate in illegal activities or take illicit substances.
While this is true for some people, this isn’t accurate for everyone.

Luckily, this stigma has been fading somewhat, as more luxury mobile homes have been introduced into the market.


2. Low-quality

Mobile homes are typically mass-produced. Therefore, many are made with low-quality materials that break down over time, at least far quicker than a traditional home would. Unfortunately, the materials they use have to be somewhat light, as they usually have to be transported over miles and miles.


3. Their location

Trailer parks are usually located in lower-end neighborhoods. This is because they’re cheap and affordable. As a result, this tends to attract a certain base of clientele.

Contrast this to a place like Beverly Hills. When most people think of the most expensive places in this country, manufactured homes don’t come to mind. You probably think of homes that are more unique, such as mansions or multi-million dollar penthouses. “Rich” neighborhoods typically stay away from manufactured homes.


4. Mass-produced

Mobile homes are mass-produced, which is why they’re so affordable. Unfortunately, because of this, many people think “cheap” when the words “mobile home” come to mind.


How to prevent a mobile home from looking trashy

1. Avoid low-quality models

As I mentioned earlier, mobile homes tend to be mass-produced. Therefore, a lot of companies prioritize quantity over quality. If you buy one of these models, your mobile home is likely to fall apart much quicker.

The sides and flooring may crack. You may experience leaks. The floor may be uneven.

When a mobile home is low-quality – it’s apparent. Therefore, if you can avoid buying one in the first place, do it.


2. Maintain it

Now, even if you buy a high-quality model in the first place, all homes are prone to their own natural wear and tear. Over time, this adds up, making your mobile home look worn-out and dingy.

Paint can chip. Dirt can pile on. Leaks can happen.

To avoid this, make sure to replace any fixtures the second they break. Also, keep the exterior and interior of your home nice and clean.


3. Pick a good neighborhood

In real estate, it’s all about location. A house that’s falling apart at the seams, in a good neighborhood, is worth more than an amazing home in a bad neighborhood. Therefore, if you want to avoid looking trashy, establish your mobile home in a safe and welcoming location.


Will people think less of me for living in a mobile home?

Unfortunately, there are some people that will think less of you for living in a mobile home. That’s just the stigma that’s associated with it. But, it’s important to note that anyone who will judge you for this, is probably not the most genuine person.

If you’d like to live in a mobile home, don’t let what other people will think of you get in the way.
Other people’s perspectives of you might be different if you have a high-quality, custom-built mobile home in a premium location. But regardless, this is still something to consider.