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Are Small Houses Harder to Keep Clean?

Many people have opted for clean houses because they are affordable. Small houses are also easy to clean and maintain. However, this exercise can be hard and tiresome if a small house is filled, over-cluttered, and without storage space.

How can we define a small house? It is a tiny house of about 322 square feet or less; they have a dual-purpose structure and features. Other factors also contribute to a house being defined as tiny, like how you arrange a house will affect how small, or big space is, and many other factors.

You can do self-cleaning and maintain your house to looking the best throughout the year. Practice makes perfect, and it’s never too late to organize your house well and clean it. Read on to know how hard or easy it is to keep a small house clean and neat.


Why is a tiny house hard to clean?

Poor planning is the root cause of all cleaning hardships, whether the house is small or big, and some of the mistakes we make unintentionally contribute to harder cleaning. Nonetheless, it becomes hard to clean a small house due to the following reasons:


1. Over-cluttering

This is the number one secret of keeping your house clean avoid stuffing your house with items you no longer use. Only purchase what you need. You can exchange anything that has no use for other items you may need. Alternatively, you can give these items to a friend or a family member who would wish to have them. This way, more space will be created for storage, and cleaning hidden places will be easy.


2. Poor dirt prevention methods

Creating good habits will help prevent dirt from outside coming into the house. Remove your shoes as you enter the house and use a doormat at the entrance. This will help trap the dirt particles from outside, making cleaning easy.

You should avoid leaving your windows open the whole day, especially if you live near construction sites or roads. Adapting to some good behaviors will minimize your cleaning work, giving you an easy time cleaning.


3. Having the wrong cleaning supplies

Having correct cleaning types of equipment and supplies will save you time, effort, and money. Invest in small equipment that can navigate well while cleaning, like small vacuum cleaners. This way, they will not take up all space and will clean the house fast and efficiently.


4. Overstuffing

It can be hard to keep your house clean if you’ve too many things squeezed in one area. You may end up assuming that someplace are always clean since nobody sees beneath them. This brings the mind to a conclusion of postponing to clean covered or hidden areas in a small house like under the sofa, underneath cushions. Therefore dirt accumulates and settles in these places.

You might not discover the dirt if you don’t move the stuffed areas and clean them. The dirt that accumulates in such places is harmful to your health and can cause breathing issues if not handled properly. Cleaning these areas in bits regularly can help reduce dust accumulation.


5. Tight schedules

A messy house can really affect your mental well being especially if you have a tight schedule. At times you find that you’re on the run either at work, school, or you have deadlines to met. Mental issues can lead to stressful living.

Try as much as possible to create time to clean your space, set time for cleaning. You can plan for effective cleaning and always clean your space as you do other tasks, like returning things in their rightful place to reduce the time you need to clean and place them back.


How easy is it to clean small houses?

Small houses are easy to clean and maintain, but the rules are different as little things can create a noticeable mess. There are things you should keep in mind before you clean a small house.


1. Be creative

Be creative in terms of arranging your small house. You can make shelves on the wall to create more space on the floor. Use these shelves as storage space to keep your collections and items. However, be smart while doing this.

You can combine open glass shelves and wood shelves to create a sense of fashion. This will give way to items that you cannot store on the shelves.


2. Plan ahead

Planning means having a checklist before you start cleaning. It doesn’t need to be perfect. However, it is very necessary to adapt to planning, set a day of doing general cleaning. Confirm if you have everything you need before starting to clean, get your supplies together in a bucket that you will need to use.

It is advisable to move with it as you clean since it will make cleaning different places easier and faster because you will save time going for things you might have forgotten.


3. Be organized

Being organized is very important when keeping a house clean. For instance, you can start the day by making your bed when you wake up. Some people view this as a waste of time, but it can determine how neat your house looks.

You can also maintain a clean house by involving your loved ones if you are living with any. For instance, you can train your kids to put their items such as jackets, shoes, and bags, among others, in their appropriate places. You can also train them to put dishes on the dishwasher after use.


4. Clean in bits daily

Daily cleaning helps to maintain the smartness of small houses. While you are cooking, wash the items you’ve used in cooking preparation. Similarly, while you are waiting for food to cook, wipe the kitchen cabinets. This will reduce the amount of time to use when washing your dishes later.

Note that a small displacement of something can make your place seem messy, clean as you move, or tide up your room before you go to bed. This helps the mind to relax and have a fresh morning without stressing about cleaning.


5. Avoid leaving a room empty-handed

By adopting this habit, you can make a great difference in your house’s general cleanliness and tidiness. As you move around the house, try to check what does not belong to its place and take it to the appropriate place without setting time to perform that particular task.

For instance, if there are dishes on the table, you can carry them to the dishwasher as you go for something else in the kitchen.


Why aren’t small houses hard clean?

Small houses aren’t hard to clean, but this is only if planned well, and daily cleaning is done. Good planning makes it easy to maintain a nice and fresh look at your home. Here are some of the reasons why cleaning a small house is not hard:

  • Easy and quick to clean and maintain frequently according to the owner’s desires and schedule.
  • Friendly and suitable for people with busy schedules as they can be able to clean the house faster since they don’t have many rooms
  • It’s less expensive since small equipment will be required for cleaning, saving cleaning detergents cost.
  • Easy to rearrange and move things when cleaning, providing the owner the option of fixing quick designs.
  • Everything is displayed on the eye. This motivates and pushes a person to clean the mess they have created in the house.


How do I keep a small house clean?

  • Make cleaning the house by putting on music and dance while you scrub the floor. This will motivate you more, and before you realize it, you will be done with all cleaning.
  • Use mats to cover surfaces; this will help you maintain your house for long periods, vacuum them regularly, place the mats where the traffic is more. This will increase not only the floor’s life shelf but also will collect dust particles from outside.
  • Clean daily for at least 5 minutes and maintain good habits while in the house. Also, take a day in a month to do a deep cleaning that will clean the places you did not clean daily.
  • Create a place for everything, and you can use creative ways to put everything in place one by one. This will reduce the traffic of items at a given place, and finding them will be easy.


Is your small house clean enough?

After cleaning, try questioning yourself; is your tiny house clean enough? Cleanliness is not only about washing all the dirty dishes on the sink, cleaning the smelling shoes, but it also entails those tiny details that don’t appear or can be covered up in your mind as things to handle later.

These things play a big role in how clean you are.

There are ways to get all those things fixed, but you need to identify these areas. Examples are:

The laundry we keep to clean later in the week, the toilet ring that appeared, the smelly dish sponges, the unfolded clothes in your closet, and other small details that we assume every day add up and make the house stuffy even after cleaning.