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25 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Should Download

Traveling isn’t always a walk in the park, but modern apps can seriously help. I’ll be the first to say – I used to never have any apps on my phone. Not even social media. But I have to say, after all this time, I’ve grown to appreciate the value that travel apps can bring to our experiences.

I’ve used them for getting around, converting currency, and finding hotels. Even finding toilets. Yep, you read that right.

As a result, I figured that I would create a list of the 25 most useful apps that I’ve encountered.


1. Kindle

Many travel enthusiasts are great book lovers, but carrying a hefty book around can be discouraging. That’s where the Kindle App comes in.

The Kindle App is free, giving you access to millions of reading materials, ranging from books, magazines, comics, to newspapers. Reading is a great way to reduce boredom while on the road or on a flight.

The app is compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.


2. SAS Survival Guide

As its name suggests, this app is packed with different survival tactics that travelers can use in different situations. John “Lofty” Wiseman, a former SAS soldier and instructor, wrote this guide book. For over thirty years, it has been very beneficial to travelers who underwent different situations during their journeys.

Today, the best-selling book has been reinvented, and it is available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS devices.


3. Google Translate

Many travelers go to countries that do not speak their native tongue. This can be an issue; communication is something necessary in order to get around. However, with the invention of the Google Translate app, this is no longer a problem.

Having this app gives me the feeling of having a personal translator in my pocket. The best thing is that the app can work even without the internet. It is also compatible with Android and iOS devices, and it can translate up to 103 languages in different ways.


4. Duolingo

Although the Google Translator app is at your disposal, you might want to learn a bit of the language used in the area you intend to visit. Such could include the area’s common phrases, greetings, ordering in the restaurants, among others.

The Duolingo mobile app is available for free, and it makes learning different languages enjoyable and comfortable. There are exercises included to perfect different vocabularies, words, phrases, and grammar. The grading and the rewards in the application keep me motivated to learn the language of my choice.

The app works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices.


5. WhatsApp

This is one of the most revolutionary mobile applications that have transformed how human beings communicate. From voice messages to text messages and video calls, WhatsApp has been a game-changer in the mobile apps industry. This app is available globally, meaning that travelers can conveniently chat, video-call, or audio-call their families, regardless of location.

The app uses your phone’s internet to send text, video, and audio messages.


6. Citymapper

Finding the safest and fastest route in a new town or city can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time in that area. The developers of the Citymapper mobile application had that in mind. The application comes in handy when giving travelers the best route to their destination. Additionally, you can use the app to locate the nearest bus and train stations and know when the next arrivals will be in those locations.

Additionally, this Android and the iOS-compatible app have an inbuilt feature that keeps the traveler’s real-time location known to their family and friends.


7. Airbnb

Accommodation plays a significant role in any visit. Finding the right apartment, cottage, or house for accommodation during your stay in a particular area may not be easy. However, with the Airbnb mobile application, you can access real-time information about all the accommodation places for rent. Find the cottage, apartment, or house that satisfies your preferences wherever you are.

I use the Airbnb application to compare different amenities available, including the number of beds and bathrooms, kitchen, swimming pool, and parking lot. Moreover, the app can give you a detailed overview of a particular city, even if you are not in that location.


8. Hopper

Knowing when to purchase your air ticket is very vital, considering the price fluctuations. Many travelers find it difficult to understand whether to book the flight right away or hold off a little longer. With the Hopper mobile application, all these doubts are cleared.

The app gives accurate predictions of when the flight fares will be cheap, saving you up to 40% on the ticket price. The app comes with an integrated feature that monitors the prices of the flight of your choice so that you get an alert when they drop. Use the app to compare the prices of over 250 airlines and their airfare flash sales.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


9. NordVPN

Today’s internet has become an unsafe platform, especially with thieves gaining more knowledge on how to access people’s private data. When traveling, you can connect your device to public Wi-Fi networks in train stations, airports, cafeterias, and restaurants, among other places. This makes your passwords, credit card numbers, and usernames vulnerable to theft. Anyone on the same network can access them.

Using NordVPN is a sure way to keep your information secure and your location private. However, it would help if you were very cautious when this app. Some places, such as U.A.E, have strict regulations on using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


10. Asana

Managing a team and keeping them focused on their goals is not easy, especially when traveling. Asana mobile app is a platform that has come to the aid of many people, enabling them to organize their plans, goals, files, and more on their devices.

With this app, employers can conveniently assign tasks to their employees from any location worldwide. Conduct meetings, review and approve work, and supervise your team on the go with the Asana app.

It is available for both iOS and Android-powered devices.


11. TripIt

The human mind is prone to forgetfulness, and that is why mobile apps, such as TripIt, are vital. TripIt helps in creating a travel itinerary that helps individuals to remain organized in their plans. The app works by linking it with your email account, where it can access different confirmation messages, such as car hire, hotel, and flight reservations. Then, it gathers these reservations into one itinerary.

For instance, the app can give alerts of delayed or canceled flights. It comes with a flight finder that helps the traveler book another flight in case of cancellation.

You can use the app conveniently on iOS and Android devices.


12. PackPoint

Understanding what to carry along on a trip can be a hassle. PackPoint is a mobile app designed to help. It makes a list of everything you’ll need – whether you’re exploring with family, going hiking, or making a business trip.

Input a bit of information about where you’re going and the app with a general idea of what you’ll need. It also comes with other insanely helpful bonuses. For example, it’ll check your destination’s weather conditions and allow you to see what other travelers are taking.


13. Metric Conversions

Different countries have varying currencies and conversion rates that change on a daily basis. When you get into a new country, it’s important to understand its currency and how to convert it. Otherwise, how will you get around and buy what you need?

There are several mobile applications available today to help. With fast and accurate metric conversions, you can convert your currency and avoid getting scammed.

Another plus? It comes with an accurate world clock. Other mobile apps, such as Convert Units Plus, convert various units, including length, temperature, size, and speed. Most of such apps are compatible with both iOS and Android phones.


14. World Time Buddy

Time zones around the world vary from one region to the next, so it’s important to have an app manage this for you. I’ve heard far too many horror stories of travelers being late to meetings because they miscalculated the time it was.

World Time Buddy (WTB) is an advanced world clock, which also serves as a time zone converter and a scheduler for online meetings. Besides being useful to travelers, this excellent mobile app is essential for people who call family and friends living abroad.

The app can be used to conveniently plan video conferences, webinars, web meetings, international calls, and compare time zones. You can visit the Play Store or Apple Store to get this app today.


15. FlightAware

Regular travelers need to keep track of different aircraft and airports and gather actionable and accurate aviation data. There is no other app that does that well than FlightAware.

With this app, travelers in the United States and Canada can track different flights in real-time and get a live map flight track for any commercial airline worldwide. The app comes with impeccable graphics, and the data it provides is up to date. FlightAware app comes in handy, especially when there are changes in arrival or departure times of a particular flight.


16. is a service that was invented with the intent to connect people to a global community of travelers. The service can help travelers find a place to stay during their visit or share their home/hometown with other travelers.

There are different events organized in over 200,000 cities around the world by people who met through To become a member of this platform, sign up on their website. You can also download the Couchsurfing app to register.



As you travel, you want to make sure that you leave your beloved pooch is in good hands. The Rover app is one platform that gives you this luxury. Using the app, you can conveniently receive real-time photos of your dog, track your dog’s walk via GPS, message the dog sitter, and book and pay securely.

This mobile application from gives travelers access to over 10,000 dog sitters and walkers in the United States and Canada.

You can use this app conveniently on your Android or iPhone.


18. Uber

If you’re not renting a car, the chances that you’ll need some sort of transportation are high. For example, from the airport, you may need a ride to your hotel. Therefore, having a reliable app that can connect you with a taxi is essential.

Uber has been in this industry for quite a while, and its reputation precedes it. The Uber mobile application remains the same regardless of the country or city you are in. The app uses the language you choose.

You don’t have to stress about currency conversions because all the transactions done via the app are automatically charged to your credit card. The Uber app’s other benefits include unrivaled security and convenience even when traveling with heavy luggage, time-saving, and accurate price range.


19. GasBuddy

Whether you’re on a road trip or renting a car, you’ll need to get gas eventually. GasBuddy mobile app has become an essential tool for road trip makers.

The platform is packed with millions of users, which gives travelers the luxury to find the cheapest gas prices on their way. Additionally, installing this app allows you to compare different prices, brands, and amenities at different filling stations. Travelers also get alerts on price hikes and convenience store deals via the application.

GasBuddy is both Android and iOS-compatible.


20. Google Maps

GoogleMaps is one of the most common mobile apps in the market today. It’s the number one app that makes walking, public transit, and getting driving directions easy. Even if you don’t have data on your phone, you can still use the app offline.

Just connect your phone to Wi-Fi and download the maps that you require to get to your destination. You can also share your location with trusted friends and family.


21. Flushd

Most of us have fallen victims to desperately needing a toilet, but not being about to find one. Enter: Flushd. The goal of this app is to help people in their time of need.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, the app comes with a list of over 250,000 public washrooms distributed in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The facilities listed follow an order according to whether they are wheelchair-accessible, require a key, and charge a fee. You can even save and rate your favorite toilets!

This app has saved a lot of travelers from disaster, so it’s something that you should definitely look into.


22. Yelp

Finding somewhere to eat, drink, relax, shop, and play is vital, but it can be overwhelming when traveling to a new place.

Although Yelp mobile application is well-known globally, it is particularly essential for restaurants in the United States. Travelers can filter restaurants by food type, how far it is, when they open, and more. You can also make reservations on the app and enjoy promotions and discounts (incentives of Yelp’s Elite Squad program).

The app is free, and it works with both Android and iOS devices.


23. Meetup

Meetup is an app is a platform that promotes get-togethers for people who enjoy similar activities; for instance, book clubs, sports, and social groups. It’s a great way to find events in new locations. Additionally, app users can create groups to attract other people with similar interests. However, you should note that joining an existing group on the Meetup app is free, but creating one costs some money.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


24. AllTrails

If you are looking for the perfect hiking, running, and biking trails, then the AllTrails app is perfect for you. This app is packed with over 50,000 trail maps accompanied by genuine reviews and memorable photos taken by hiking and outdoor enthusiasts.

Some of the essential information on this app includes: what to pack on your hiking excursion and anticipated barriers on your route. It also features the best scenic spots. Besides the detailed driving directions to get you to your hike fast, this app allows you to film yourself as you run, cycle, or hike across the trails.

The app works well with both Android and iOS powered phones.


25. GlobeTips

Now sure how much to tip internationally? GlobeTips will help you tip appropriately in over 200 countries. It’s easy. Scan your bill, and depending on your location, the app will give you a general idea of what people usually tip in that country. You can also calculate your tip manually, just input the cost and use the app’s handy slider to calculate the tip at a variety of different price points.


Final thoughts

Thanks to technology, it’s now easier to travel than ever. Whether it’s booking flights, finding restaurants, or looking for toilets, these 25 apps have got you covered. If you liked this post or found it useful, check out my other articles. I write a ton of travel content on a variety of subjects. Including: how to make money on the road and how to stay safe.